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Soft Authoritarianism


A new form of rule is emerging gradually, observes scholar Shalina Randeria.

Coral Reefs in Crisis


Coral reefs are in danger around the world and the causes are diverse. However, there is hope.

The Climate Archive of the Rodderberg Volcano


How have the climatic conditions in Central Europe and especially in the Rhineland region changed in the past 320,000 years? Sediment cores from the Rodderberg volcano crater provide interesting information.

Better Shopping with Artificial Intelligence


With the help of artificial intelligence, researchers from the U Bremen Research Alliance want to catapult the retail sector into a new era with the project “Knowledge4Retail.”

Fighting COVID-19 More Effectively


The initiative NFDI4Health Task Force COVID-19 is developing a national information and consultation structure for health data.

Brand New Findings on Fire Safety in Space


For the fifth time, a team of 25 international scientists used the CYGNUS supply transporter for the International Space Station ISS to conduct experiments with open fire in space.

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