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up2date. takes a summer break

Campus Life

We're taking a two-week break. To pass the time - until we start again on July 30 - we recommend these stories

A European Approach to Life Sciences

University & Society

From Croatia to England, from lectures to online courses – BioYUFE connects European research and teaching in the field of life sciences

Escaping Isolation

Campus Life / Starting Your Degree

How international communities make it easier to get started at the university

Teaching with Passion

Teaching & Studies

A conversation with Jennifer Reiske, winner of the Berninghausen Prize

Climate Research on the Ocean Floor


The Bremen Cluster of Excellence “The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface” investigates the function of the ocean floor as a climate archive

Experience Europe as a Student

Teaching & Studies / University & Society / Solidarity

An overview of the European programs for students at the University of Bremen.

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